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  2. Justin Trudeau visit to India

    Agree with what your saying, Sant ji was and always be the head figure in the sangaarsh, however how do you mean Khalistan will be established in canada? canada isnt gona give its land as khalistan? also none of our ithiasiq gurdwara sahibs are there.
  3. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    Hun tha viah vi hogea hona? What’s happened OP?
  4. Justin Trudeau visit to India

    interesting they did use Jas Uthwal in the end : http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/sikh-extremism-rogue-elements-1.4548145
  5. then that doesn't qualify as halal ... and it illustrates the lobhi bemaan they are brought up to be when dealing with others especially kufar (their word not mine) True life story when I was a teen I used to work for a major cash and carry wholesalers on their tills . We had a neighbouring kebab shop as a regular customer . When certain specials on it was normal for shopkeepers to do bulkbuys so we were used to seeing that but one day this guy comes to the till with his trolley filled with case upon case of cat food , the other musley who worked there commented on the strange purchase and one asked him do you have a cat ... to which he replied no and then smirked .... So the moral of the story is don't buy doner kebab unless you see them creating the stack of meat yourself
  6. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    I think you are too busy being a first class privileged ish , It is not a small matter to just drop a girl after getting engaged . The sikh attitude is do not enter engagement unless you are deffo getting married because you are playing with the other's family's honour and standing. If you had doubts to clear you should not have done Rokna or Shagun . Somebody recommends fine, check it out for your self ...a bit like when you are driving and your passenger says 'it's clear to go' you don't go on their word as you know in an accident you will be held responsible , you make sure it is clear for yourself. I know some folks can be pushy but you are a guy and can easily say stop at an earlier stage ... I don't understand why you didn't it seems bizarre to me . We are living in the 21st century not the 1800s you can talk on your own with the girl nobody will object. Anyway water under the bridge and all that .
  7. Justin Trudeau visit to India

    but great foir avoiding shaking hands of scum like Modi , wifey used namaste to avoid shaking hands with the head gunda today, smart kid. Look unlike most political visits they were just relaxed and wore local attire to be comfy I mean suits and all from Canada might look smart but they are probably too stuffy for the temp there. productive - he signed business deals in Gujrat and Agra worth billions unfortunately Punjab missed out because of our CM bufoon
  8. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    cus the whole story is made up LOL
  9. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    Why would anyone agree to marry someone without even speaking to them? Punjab is not stuck in the middle ages and people are in someways a lot more forward than us in the west. This whole story sounds like a mix of Big Tera's pathela which is usually full of goat meat, masala and mircha LOL. Actually no, it sounds more like what his pathela of goat meat turns into once hes eaten it all....
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  11. Justin Trudeau visit to India

    He is doing a great job embarrassing himself. Worst PM Canada has had in a while. More focused on pandering to various groups for votes and being politically correct, than being productive. Considered a joke by most world leaders. He is a lost child. Will not be voting Liberal come 2020. Ps. Those outfits are condescending if anything.
  12. Who are the moderators on this site?

    I agree that extremely abusive posters should be sanctioned. However, mildly abusive posts can simply be replied to in the same coin or ignored. Also, I personally favor leniency toward anti-Sikh posts because there are plenty of pro-Sikh posters on this board to counter them, and the exercise of responding to such posts brings up important points for the lurkers to read.
  13. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    Who was asking about reconciling a broken engagement? Please tell me someone other than the op of this thread? Twice would be so brutal.
  14. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    So you think this is jokem Shows the age of your brain. Which is probably still in single units.
  15. Who are the moderators on this site?

    Do the moderators here ever check posts that are reported. Earlier abusive/ anti Sikh posts were removed and the posters warned or placed on quality control. If they are so busy, why not share this sewa with others who can do this job.
  16. Becoming guru-ward

    any naam simran, gurbani u do will have benefit. I have heard that if u have not taken amrit, u will get worldly benefits while amritdharis will get spiritual benefits. So watever they desire, they get. Also imagine that without amrit u r getinng 0000. Collecting zeroes in terms of spirituality. Tgey do not have value. As soon as u take amrit, a one is added to how many ever zeroes u collected so 0000 becomes 1000. So ppl who have kamaii or worked hard with naam and shabad before taking amrit will be more blessed and benefit more while taking amrit. Also taking amrit means u have taken on a guru. It is that gurus responsibility to make u pass the test and become enlightened. Also think of this amrit as a primer to get the real amrit inside of u to come out. Like in the olden days with hand pump nalka. You put in some water to prime the pump. Then the pump will start producibg its own water.
  17. Ooo I take it you do have a sister then ey?! Do let us know how it goes
  18. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    Go <banned word filter activated> your mum. you son of a <banned word filter activated>.
  19. Justin Trudeau visit to India

    Very interesting! Indeed, the whole Atwal situation seems very fishy. It sure seems like a deliberate attempt to embarrass Trudeau.
  20. Shouldn't we broaden the criteria to Amritdhari Sikhs. Not that I don't believe that all Sikhs should keep basic rehat but it affects Amritdharis and their rehat more. Amritdhari/non-Amritdhari, it doesn't matter. Avoiding 4 bajjer kurehits is basic rehit. If somebody out there doesn't want to keep their hair, for whatever reason, it doesn't give them carte blanche to eat meat (or halal meat), screw girls, or use tobacco and other nashas.
  21. Yes, it's a 2 minute video. I viewed the whole thing. He spent about 30 seconds on bajjar kurehits, about 7.5 seconds on meat. Far from taking things out of proportion, I put things in the proper perspective and called the 2 minute speech a summary of Rehit. It's not an exposition. For that, you could listen to the daily katha from Hazur Sahib. I would be genuinely interested if anybody could post katha from Hazur Sahib encouraging eating of khulla maas (open meat). OK, that's fine. But if you wouldn't know, why are you trying to rebut me? Again, Hazuri Singhs are not lax in their maryada as to eat meat from every Tom, <banned word filter activated>, and Harry. Well, forgive me for that, because usually people post links that support their argument. In any case, it's good that you did post the link, because it backs up the idea that Sikhs should not eat khulla maas (open meat) like the original poster thinks.
  22. Shouldn't we broaden the criteria to Amritdhari Sikhs. Not that I don't believe that all Sikhs should keep basic rehat but it affects Amritdharis and their rehat more.
  23. Promotion of eating meat is not allowed. This thread is about warning Sikhs not to eat khulla maas (open meat), thereby reducing meat consumption by Sikhs.
  24. I think you're an A class twat. Thus, go fcuk urself. Do you not have a sister of your own? Let some c*nt do that to her and then come back here and let us know
  25. @S1ngh I request you to close this thread since apparently meat discussions are not allowed here.
  26. Don't try and blow things out of proportion. See the whole video he even says something about it being an amrit sanchar. And stop being annoying, I didn't say I support non jhatka. I was just saying that the maryada they spoke at hazur sahib doesn't mention it. I am not a hazuri Sikh so I wouldn't know, I just posted it since its the best thing I can find. Doing it again, I didn't say that it was meant to back me up I put it there purposefully for whoever wants to see it. Be realistic, not every person who claims to follow Nihang maryada will follow it fully. There is always a few people who mix their maryada and changing jhatka meat around could definitely be one of them.
  27. For a Sikh to eat "any" meat that happens not to be Halal is to make himself into a lobhi dog. You're using this to justify eating non-Jhatka meat? The 2 minute video you posted was a beautiful summary of Sikh Rehit by the Hazuri Babaji. It was not a long exposition, however. Are you seriously claiming that Hazuri Sikhs eat whatever meat they can find, just happening to weakly ask if it's Halal? Most Nihungs support Jhatka? I would genuinely like to know one that does not. The link you posted does not support your assertion. It talks about the theory behind Jhatka and how that's the Nihung way. How does that support your assertion that there is no specific Nihung maryada regarding meat?
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