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  2. First Khalsa were Bhai Mardana ji and Bhai lehna ji. Nihangs who follow the teachings of Bhai Mardana ji and Bhai Lehna ji are Khalsa. You can scream at the top of your lungs, wear weapons, tie a dummalla and still Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji would not give you his favor. Those who sing chandi di vaar, wear weapons, tie a dummalla and have their focus on Gurbani is the nihang and the Gurus Sikhs
  3. Is there a special committe of punj for confessions? Or any 5 will do What if someone in the panj are vaping discreetly themselves. How does it work then
  4. Such utter bs. My mom is the dearest person to me
  5. Welcome to Sikhi
  6. Destruction youve made some pretty dumb posts yourself get off your high horse goof. On one thread you lost your <banned word filter activated> because somebody comapred the khalistani shaheeds to the purataan shaheeds, News flash buddy the khalistani shaheeds were the exact same as the shaheeds of old maybe the circumstances were slightly different but that doesnt change the fact that these ppl gave up EVERYTHING for us including there lives and even the lives of there innocent family members who were tortured to death in the most barbaric ways by the police and government.The kharkus fought through hell for us I understand someone who is anti sikh saying those things but for someone to call themselves a sikh to disrespect our own shaheeds like that is disgusting. The true kharkus were the same as the shaheeds of old and they deserve the exact same respect. They even had to live underground the same as the singhs of old the commonalities far outweigh the differences in this case.
  7. Nothing but respect for the Nihangs/Akalis of old, bad a**. From the days of the Gurus, to British days, and beyond. But, Destruction, when's the last time Nihangs did anything for the kaum in the past few decades? Weren't you all supposed to go Saharanpur just a couple years ago to deal with Muslims?
  8. Stupid Khalistani? What does that have to do with what I said? There are lots of faults of his you can pick away at, but what happened during his childhood isn't his fault. I agree, it's very likely he wanted his fortune back, if anything. But you can't exactly come back to Sikhi with zero knowledge, zero resources etc. He was taken at a age before he even likely knew anything about Sikhi. Any sources for the Maharani Jind Kaur statement?
  9. Wow my post got deleted LOL some people on this site truly are children. I guess one of the moderators is a fan of this particular baba. You can censor my posts but will you censor a video of the babas own kartootan
  10. ps. where were the Khalsa Nihangs during the 3 days sikhs were burnt, butchered alive ji_/\_?
  11. S1ngh Jio, you are dividing sikhs with that attitude, WE ARE ONE KHALSA AFTER TAKING ONE GURU GOBIND SINGH JIO KHANDEY BATEY KI PAHUL, TO HONOR, 'REHIT PYAR,' OF GURU PITA MAHARAJ, THEN 'LEH LAHA' OF GURU GRANTH SAHIB JIO UNTIL OUR LAST SVAAS_/\_. Truly sad to know such foul language and anger in our youth. ANGER TAKES US TO NARAK TOO ACCORDING TO GURBANI. IT TAKES ANGER TO WANT TO KILL OUTSIDE OF SELF DEFENSE ji_/\_ Gurfathe dhan Vahiguroo Jio, that i am aware of this dark side of what i always was proud of pure thoughts, words, atey actions Khalsa Sikh Panth
  12. It is all jatha friendly with exception of few. The person who name called Akj shows his true social level 'Aukaad'. It shows the color of how and where they are raised up 🤦‍♂️
  13. Vahiguroo Jio kirpa karin that hot headed youth get matt to realise evil being referred in Gurbani is also our OWN BUREY KARAM LOADED MINDS 5 bhoot jio_/\_, and when you swear at others or yourselves, then, you are adding more bad karam jio_/\_. TRUE KHALSA IS GURBANI AND NAAM DRIR ACHIEVED, THEN BE NOBLE AS GURU GOBIND SINGH JIO, WHO SURELY NEVER SWORE OR CHALLENGED DEATH ON OTHERS_/\_. Vahiguroo kirpa Jio.
  14. Chellas of the Mughal collaborater Binod Singh as usual like to spread their nindia not just about Brahmgianis like Baba Banda Singh Babahur but also about Shaheeds belonging to Babbar Khalsa which sacrificed for the Khalsa Panth while they live in their comfortable AC rooms in the west shamelessly doing Nindia
  15. It's like the subject matter of a bad episode of conspiracy theories
  16. Two taksals were established on the hukam of Dasmesh Pita Ji apparently. Bhai Mani Singhs Taksal which became known as Amritsari Taksal & Baba Deep Singhs Taksal which later became known as Damdami Taksal.
  17. Show me where I said Baba Deep Singh was a taksali?!!! Re-read what I wrote... the point I was making was that taksal are considered a combination of both Khalsa & nirmala because they uphold the nirmala traditions of being scholars etc but also adopt Khalsa maryada as a result of Baba Deep Singh being their first jathedhar.. Taksal are the only nirmalas who keep shasterdhari maryada. Baba Deep Singh was an Akali Nihang but also a scholar who was taught tat arth of Gurbani by Dasmesh Pita himself..... Baba Deep Singh hand wrote 4 saroops of Guru Granth Sahib, 1 in Arabic... to class Baba Deep Singh as just a warrior is doing gross misjustice to the greatness of Baba Ji.
  18. Vahiguroo Jio, bhul chuk muaf and dhan for cleaning my bad karam destruction jio_/\_. Also, I am very sad to know nihangs and you think it is ok to kill, and use derogatory terms? WHICH OF OUR PITA GURU KILLED ADVERSITY, EXCEPT IN BATTLE FIELD? WHY WOULD OUR GURU ARJAN DEV JIO ATEY GURU TEGH BAHADUR JIO NOT JUST HAVE KILLED AS YOU CLAIM IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF KHALSA?_/\_ Vahiguroo Jio kirpa dya_/\_
  19. Nonsense post mate, utter <banned word filter activated> , this Jesse is most likely a secret member of the village people
  20. The poster clearly took a high dose of crack cocaine. I hate magpies will I turn into one?
  21. That's quite possibly the biggest crock of dung I've ever heard but it is quite funny I'll have to look that shz up!
  22. Of course, have you ever read panth Parkash? Read it and you will learn about true nihangs. Not the clowns of today who couldn't kill a fly with a stick. They are all gau di makiya...majority of them The first khalsa were nihangs, need I say more not no gnnsj akj nkj sgpc humming bird cats tail etc. That is their stamp and their authority over the Khalsa panth.
  23. I couldn't care less about credibility , I am not running a popularity contest, daily mail. I am not here to make a fan base or friendship or brownie points. I am here to say it how it is without sugar coating things which the whole panth does. In the real world evil people like me are everywhere, in the real world everything isn't fine and dandy. Don't give me that nonsense, don't tell me about the bigger picture. I am here to slap the real into people.
  24. Destruction, You lost credibility when you used vulgar language. A classic example of what this "thread" is about - losing sight of the bigger picture because you're so engrossed in jathebandi politics. Well done.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Well he had the chance to rectify but he just complained to the british about getting his raj back as more money. He was a businessman that's all not a Sikh. If he care for sikhi would he have cut his Kesh all his life or smoked tobacco or been a womaniser? I say it again. Why do we put shitbags like duleep on a high platform because he would have stepped on any of us to et back his raj. E was greedy for money that is all. <banned word filter activated> him and his pathetic life. His mother jind "kaur " was a <banned word filter activated> it is a known fact she was sleeping with the dogras and yet many Sikh woman idolise her? Bunch of scaly wags & fidlem Bens toofan singh because he actually cares for his Sikh bhai and sisters the likes f duleep would step on our heads to sit on his high horse. <banned word filter activated> him
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