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  2. Canadian goreh want our girls for themselves.
  3. Whilst there's a few of them with genuine insight, I take most of what they have to say with a huge dollop of salt considering most of the problems they're rallying against are rooted in the failed policies of the white establishment. Yet the way they behave, you'd think the mess the West finds itself in is due to campus SJWs and fresh off the boat immigrants. Those are symptoms; why do they hesitate in identifying the cause?
  4. Yeah, very true. They cleansed their country of all Arab influence (aside from the obvious affect on genes and ethnicity) within 700 years, and reverted to Catholicism under - was it Catherine? - almost in relief. 700 years may sound like a long time, but it's quite a feat to remove nearly all signs and affects of a foreign power's total dominance over an entire culture, country, and its people.
  5. After the Trump win, alt right and white supremacists have come into the public and onto social media out og nowhere. These ppl r trying to get sikhs to spearhead the attack so they cant be called racist. Rebel Media is an alt right youtube video gaining alot of popularity in Canada. These ppl r so biased they refused to acknowledge attack on.the mosque in Quebec. They went with a conspiracy that it was actually 2 muslims who did it, witnesses heard the attacker say allah akbar and the police and media r covering this up
  6. funny how the spaniards didn't take too kindly to the same treatment by the Arab hordes
  7. If I may add, Anglos veiled their expansionism behind the cover of deliverance and enlightenment; bringing the savages to heel, so to speak; spreading the light of western enlightenment to the places where the apparent darkest reaches of humanity were yet to be civilised. Spaniards and Arabs didn't give two hoots about much of that, and just wanted to conquer and be all powerful, even if there was more than a hint of the Arabs being influenced by their faith.
  8. maybe you can use this app and thermometer
  9. Watch the videos i posted above n provide counterargument to those. Ofc, a sikh should let nothing in life interfere with Amritvela, Naam Kamai, and Gurbani. So if these important things are being done, continue with your householder life. You and your wife need to come up with your own restrictions and healthy way of living. Sikhi does not have many rules, for that reason so that people can come up with rules for what works for them in their specific situations. So use ur budhi/ intelligence to set limits at where nothing interferes with kamaaing sikhi
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  11. Im sorry but celibacy is not recommended in sikhi. Therefore celibacy within marriage is also not recommended unless both partners are at that avastha. Remember we had that one bibi complaining about her Gursikh husband? That he was too emotionless? Stable marriages are important, we need to have grihsti, householder lifestyle
  12. spaniards and arabs have one thing in common subjugation of people through sword, pillage and rape
  13. That's what's at the heart of this issue.
  14. which parent wants their daughter to marry to a household who abuse her ? If you equip her and her brothers to do all the different things for themselves then they don't need to look to others for help . If Isher told me what this girl is saying I would be round there straight-up and throwing their son's nicch karam in their face . Why i this day and age should a girl be deathly scared of telling the truth , sikhi is truthful living I would be a pretty weak parents if I couldn't face it . Those parents who are against amrit chakna are scared that because their beti can't do make up shakeup, parvatte etc she will be substandard for marriage market it is all this BS marketing going on in filmi duniya . Meri dadi, pardDaddi , Sad Daddi ne kehrdi surkian bindian kittian si ? ohna da vi viah hoa si ... Too much undermining of the kaurs ...
  15. Learning how to fight is a beautiful art; as well as learning about the legend of Sikhi; however, how is either related to preventing such a marriage where she both wants her parents happiness and her own happiness and when they conflict how will she find the middle ground from Yudh and Sikhi? Most parents now at days seem against the idea of Amrit Chackna for some reason.
  16. None as far as I am aware. The most contemporary source is dasmesh pita's Bachitar Natak. There are some later Persian sources (100 years later) but they make nauvin padshah look like some sort of extortionist apparently. Anyway, that's a completely different topic to this thread.
  17. So why'd the Spaniards and Arabs mix more than the Anglos? Unless you seriously believe that they both mixed equally?
  18. solution MMA , Brasilian jujitsu , and sikhi espcially itihaas....but don't tell prospectives , expect the phonecall when they break it off cos she don't take no nonsense p.s. I discuss dodgy behaviour observed in life on tv with Isher Kaur insights into how she sees things and helps assess what she may grow up like ....
  19. A big part of this supremacy thinking involves the belief that the women of non-whites are your property, in that you've got more rights to them than any non-white man, should you desire.
  20. Oh no! Not again! Flapdoodle in 225 words!
  21. Are you reading history books written by someone like you? I have never read such flapdoodle in my entire 19 years on this planet!
  22. these numbers are pathetic. There are more Spainard, Arab breed mixing than this. You are more likely to see Amritdhari Khalsas than you will see these Anglo-Indians. Ghenghis Khan and Alexander the Great have more descandents than this pathetic number, some Punjabis actually have Greek blood, never met a Punjabi with Anglo blood though. (But have met some with different mixed ancestors). Also even today the Anglos that go around other countries finding women to marry, they marry prostitutes.
  23. You can't win either way. You shelter them: they are like lambs to a slaughter for some predatory type. You let them out and they pick up bad habits eventually getting pulled by some sweet talking romeo. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  24. she's a kid, probably sheltered by folks ...that's a major reason our girls are easy targets
  25. This girl seems majorly dim. Talk about red flags.
  26. That's complete gibberish. They were sh@gging slaves left, right and centre on their plantations. They produced a whole new breed of 'Anglo-Indians'. Mate you want to study history a bit more deeper. You say things that are way off.
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