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  2. Don't try to make sense coz it's beyond human comprehension. Thing is, Waheguru jeeo gives money to some in abundance as per their past karma. Now mostly it is haraam di kamai, so unless they spend part of it on Dharmic kaaj. Their financial cycle will collapse or they will loose wealth. In order to keep Religious workers immune from bad effects of ill gotten wealth they are paid salary & bonus ie Mehnat da fal not hand outs. Akalpurakh works in mysterious ways
  3. I Am not married yet but I prefer Singhni with dastar and body hairs don't bother me at all because they are natural. It's society which made body hair on a woman labelled as masculine. In reality it's just hair and all humans have it. I personally think that Kaurs with dastar are beautiful and feminine in a way that isn't worldly.
  4. Forgive me if I have said anything wrong, I just think the point is to at least listen to it while it's being recited or as someone above said it's the easy way out. And what do we get just knowing someone else is doing the paath and we aren't even concentrating on the meaning? I think a better way to host paath is to be physically present at least, if not he one doing the actual reciting. Local Gurdwaras can do it and that would facilitate that much easier. But paying someone long distance doesn't makes sense to me.
  5. I was thinking of starting a YouTube channel about sikhi and do parchar like Basics Of Sikhi on Gurbani meanings/naam. Should I start this or just join Basics Of Sikhi???
  6. I agree with Simran Bheinji. Jot Singh, doing Sehaj Path, reading translations & listening to correct pronunciation is best practice. However one mustn't dissuade Sangat from following tradition of Akhand Path, & paying trained Pathees or Gurdwara office. Difference is, they are Sevaks performing their duty & earning a living. For that reason those who host Akhand Path Seva or do Seva of Pathees also get rewarded one way or other.
  7. Liberal extremism is only bad when pandering to everyone to fit in western society (or any group including Hindus, Muslims etc) however women have been given equality by our Gurus so there is no pandering there. If you think so please show me one Gurbani tuk which says women should have a secondary role or lesser place in Sikhi. Because I have never found one. And though not explicit with gender I have found many tuks stating that as Gurmukhs we are to see everyone equally. Though to be fair it does say also that those who can do so are altars indeed and this is a great example. Just because we are stronger physically we think we are superior and should have more privilege over them when Gurbani does not support this. Despite our physical bodies, Gurbani says that we are judged on our actions alone. Therefore a woman of high avastha should be judged on that and not her gender which she had no control over. On grand scheme of things, everything is one. There is no duality. Akal Purakh IS everything and everyone. Our separate consciousness is an illusion created by this duality. In fact even our bodies are illusion. The Gurus knew this. If we continue to perpetuate the illusion by privileging some and limiting others on things which are out of their control like their gender which is only for procreation, then we only serve to solidify the illusion caused by duality. If we instead realize that every soul literally is Waheguru then it's not so hard to see how can you limit anyone based on caste colour gender or anything else. You are essentially delving further into duality by telling someone no they can't do something no matter how high their spiritual level is. In reality you are hurting yourself more than them. A brahamgiani their main realization is seeing past this illusion and seeing all as one. When we surpass duality then we begin to realize the divine in our own self. Im not saying anything should be changed, rather I am saying Sikhi always considered all humans equally. What some Sikhs have done or thought (yes even Sants) will be based on what they were taught from whatever samprada they originated. We already have several sampradas disagreeing on several different issues and claiming they were originated directly from Guru Ji so how can this be? The answer is human thought, locked and isolated in this physical reality and separated from the true ONEness of all. The reason I say even Sants is not to cause disrespect at all. A sant is someone who follows exactly religious life and has high knowledge but that knowledge will be based on the path they took to reach that level, which we know there are several different ways. But a Sant is not necessarily a Brahamgiani (they could be) but the two are mutually exclusive. In Gurbani there is a tuk which says when one realizes within that HE IS ME and realizes their own self, then what more is there to be done? When someone realizes that he IS me (The divine within) then they realize that everyone else is also that same divine jyot. That includes women. So no I am not pandering to anyone and I don't have a problem with women doing seva as Panj Pyaras because I try to see past the body and see the light within. I'm trying to see past duality which I think is our whole point of existence. Please forgive me sangat Ji if I have said anything wrong.
  8. fluff piece to assuage her own lack of clarity and rehit, do what you want but then don't blame others for your behaviour , that's not being an adult , just a whiney child
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  10. 1. I am not AKJ anything ...chill 2. I am asking because others may wonder (of course I know that hukham trumps everything and that there is no restriction . However people will wonder as they may never have that fifth kakkar if they had alopecea totalis say) 3. never heard ANY sikh say Anand Karaj for homosexuals was jehaiz ...I don't know what you been taking but calm down on the mudslinging
  11. All banies are very powerful and transforming. Are you a man or a women, if you don't mind my asking? You don't have to answer this question if you think I am being forward. The reason I ask this question is because I can only speak from a woman's perspective about all Banies. I find all Banies extremely empowering; women need tons of empowerment living in a man's world.We need empowerment and liberation along with wisdom. Banies of Dhann Dhann Deshmesh Pita ji are extremely empowering and liberating for modern day women, provided they are Amrittarries. They must be Amrittaries not from outside only but also from the inside . External appearances are EXCEEDINGLY deceptive, must not EVER be relied upon. Please, do these Banies from the depths of your heart/soul with immense LOVE and DEVOTION; while you are engaged in this activity feel the GREAT PRESENCE OF OUR BELOVED FATHER. He is ALWAYS with us and NEVER far away. Our Beloved Father blessed us with these Banies to READ/RECITE them so we will never lose our direction in our lives. I hope I haven't said too much!! Just feel love and affection for our Guru/Him from your RAUM RAUM till every single one of them is soaked with it.
  12. Fateh, Ive attached the Hukamnama. And yes my bhagti has been going downhill.
  13. The point is, not everybody is at the same spiritual level or are unable to for whatever reasons. Could be not being able to read Gurmukhi, could be physical conditions, anything. Or not enough members of the family to participate. There's nothing wrong in paying for it to be recited, as long as the family make an effort to do some seva by attending or listen to it. It maybe somebody's sharda to have it at Harmandir Sahib and they are not able to go all that way, so instead they would sponsor the seva of it. Even if it's in their home town, their family may not be as tight knit as yours. It maybe nonsense for you, but not everybody goes partying or whatever. You do seva for yourselves and nobody else, but you can't judge another family on what they are doing, without knowing. You do have a point, that it shouldn't be the easy way out as it's for our souls to be engaged to Gurbani, so the attendance and listening to it should be done by oneself, if they can't read themselves. But, there can be various reasons for non attendance, not just what you've quoted.
  14. Did someone tell you that you had no talent? Not true! Only, the talents we have, are different. To celebrate life we need to celebrate the talent that we have. Some use their talent and some don’t, because they are not sufficiently aware that the gifts of life they have, are to be traded for other talents. The musician looks at life’s beauty through sound; the artist through visuals; the writer through words; the thinker through concepts and abstractions; the chef through culinary delights; the economist through statistics; the believer through faith; the unbeliever, perhaps through ideals.There is a whole world out there full of beauty and light that we are not privy to, because, in life, we cannot be super at everything. A multi-faceted personality may have a large number of skills, some innate and some developed. Others choose to stagnate and find the easy way out because developing a talent and celebrating it means hard work. The more focused people are, the more they concentrate on developing the talents they have. If they put these talents to good use, they uplift society and touch and change the hearts of people.We all remember the musical performances by which we were transported to another world. An orchestra, for example, is the co-ordination of many talents, with performers playing different instruments in harmony with each other. There is a parable of a master setting out on a long journey and entrusting his ‘talents’ to his servants; to one he gave one, to another two, and another five. When he returned home and asked his servants what they had done with his talents, the ones who had received two and five talents had traded their talents and won many more.The master commended these servants with the words: “Well done good and faithful servant”. But the one who had received one talent had buried and hid his talent and the master reproached him calling him a wicked man. Why was the master of the house displeased with the servant who buried his talent? Because the gifts of life have been given us to develop and grow. We rarely in life look at our talents in this way. I have a cousin gifted at the organ, who for years has played the organ as a service to others- for weddings, funerals, celebrations, the novena masses, the Sunday services, daily masses .That has meant that she used the gift of time to practice with others, to serve others, even to the extent of improvising in the church when the occasion demanded it. She has truly celebrated her talent. In a sense, even the lowliest of jobs, require some talent. There are those who enjoy the simple tasks of life. It is not what we do, but the way we do it that counts. I once met an engine driver who even enjoyed shoveling coal and pushing it into the furnace. The long engine trips did not bore him; they fascinated him, even when he was young.Don’t crave for another person’s talent or talents. We cannot all be film stars, models or star-cricketers. Don’t fix your gaze on the impossible. Closer to yourself, you will discover your own innate talents. Celebrate life by developing the talent or talents you have. The invitation is open to all, however deficient we may seem to be.
  16. Same old argument that has been proven to be wrong. I asked for an new argument based on Gurmat. Again, take your time and ask your seniors to help you with it. The Khalsa Panth is not a popularity contest. Yet this how so many of you view it. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji never followed the world. Today the Sunday Sikhs are trying to change sikhi as the world changes. This is how desperate these guys are to fit in. Always feeling second class. Never confident in their skin. Always trying to show the western world how they are trying to be like them. They get a tan and these type are trying to cover it up. Gurbani makes a perso Grounded in Gurmat. Never scared to be a Sikh. Never acting a fool to fit in. Never bending over backwards to please the western world. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji took the world out of darkness. Darkness took the form of higher and lower class when he came in human form. Today the world is in darkness but not because of the caste system. Today darkness has taken the form of liberal extremist. They have no clue what is Gurmat and they have completely erased the line between right and wrong. Gurbani is only their in English translations for them to beat their own chest. There is some sun out but these liberal extremist will due away with it. Full darkness will fall again but this time because of the liberal extremist. Again Vaheguru will send his fauj to eliminate the liberal extremist. It was ego when the caste system was created and its still ego destroying the world because of these liberal extremist. Let the cycle continue. Regarding your link. The Guru says teach, explain, and show the way to Gurmat. However don't become so nice that the Gurmat bankrupt people start oppressing you. When this happens there is only one way to defend the saints.
  17. Not a single Amrit Sanchar was done with woman Punj Pyare in Puratan times, if Guru Ji had no problem with then we shouldn't too. Man and Woman AREN'T the same, they are equals but not the same. Woman can give physical birth while a man can't (biology) so Guru Sahib gave men the right to give birth too (Spiritually) hence why it's total equality. Sorry but Man and Woman are not the same, biologically and mentally both are completely different. The original Punj were men, no woman stood up. Had a woman stood up then woman would be included in the Punj too. The SGPC rehet is flawed and completely tossed out by all knowledgeable sikhs. The only ones who cling to it are the Sunday Sikhs who find new things to get offended about and can barely grasp the basics of Sikhi let alone the rehets. The same Rehet completely cut Chaupai Sahib and Anand Sahib from itself Nitnems, Reharas Sahib has been cut (excluding loads of Dasam Pita's banis) to name a few things. So if you want to hold it up as the pinnacle of Panthic unity then be my guest.
  18. WJKK WJKF If you have iPhone you can download iSearchGurbani which has both SGGSJ and DG on it. If you are not opposed to electronic version that is.
  19. Wow this thread seems to have derailed init? You know the Gurus all taught that all humans should be treated equally and it's in Gurbani right? It says one should be judged only by his/ her own actions (something in ones control) and not by what body or gender we happen to have been lucky (or unlucky) enough to be born in (something out of ones control). Also it should be pointed out that a petition is not necessary as it's already in Rehet Maryada that it can be either. If some of you are so caught up on following exactly the original why stop at gender? What about same eye colour, same height etc? And in that case a woman should always be the only one allowed to add the patashas? But reality is that these same and loudest nay Sayers don't see a problem having a man add them? Anyway either can be done by either as long as they have high avastha and strict Rehet. But I posted in other forum as a guest you know that entire city of Lucknow all Gurdwaras have agreed to uphold Rehet Maryada and several Gurdwaras have now had female Panj Pyaras and this was not opposed (loudly anyway) and mostly welcomed. It's a good start! The news was from April.
  20. *(Keski is very important and this is not an attack on Keski). The same could genuinely be said about any Kakkar. If someone who's bald wants to take Amrit, I don't think the Punj Pyare should stop them for that particular reason, (though they should have complete right on who to give it to). Someone could ask what's the point of a Kangha for a bald Amritdhari, to that I'd say it reminds them of cleanliness. I'm not really a fan of AKJ, but I've never heard of this before.
  21. In my opinion ones family should do the path themselves but if they are not able to read, they should listen to the full 48 hr paath by professional taksali pathis
  22. Sangat Ji, i have been noticing a disturbing trend of especially here in the west, instead of doing paath themselves will pay for the paath to be done in Darbar Sahib on their behalf? What is this nonsense and what does anyone get out of paying for others to do paath in their absence? Isn't the point of paath to do on ones own for gian? My family for example do it ourselves and we all take turns even the young ones who can read. And we do langar during and do all the seva ourselves. Isn't that the point? I think it's ritualistic for one to pay others to do it while they go party or watch the television etc. Pointless!
  23. For once an a+ post
  24. Guru Gobind Singh ji has said kes are kakkar. Punj kakkar are written in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji. If someone never gets Kesh they can never be patit by removing kes. They can take amrit, why can't they take amrit? Just as you, akj people try to rationalize the illogical and anti Gurmat new find practice of adding women to punj pyare, this was done in the past by akj. Gurmat clearly says kes are kakkar. Some akj people think its alright for homosexuals to have an anand karaj. It never ends with jatha. They have new demands every season.
  25. hor leh panga in other countries because of yaari with 'murica and yahudi zionists, people are wising up
  26. OK explain how one can simply do an ardas if kakkar comes away from sareer and resume rehit ;Yet if one removes even one kes/rom from sareer one becomes patit and has to reinitiate in sikhi by doing pesh in front of Panj and Guru Granth Sahib ji? Can only be one or the other. Kesh are naturally a part of your body and occur according to hukham, some people just never get kesh or lose it through disease does that mean they can never have amrit?
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