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  2. Sikh and Hindus Build mosque

    Wonderful, heartwarming news... if we lived in Satyug. Unfortunately, Kalyug is where we reside, and this magnanimous act of interfaith warmth and solidarity has laid the foundations for an act that will bear bitter fruit for these Hindus and Sikhs decades into the future. Survival of the fittest. If you refuse to learn the countless lessons of history, then perhaps you deserve to be erased from existence.
  3. Hindu decrease in India

    We are just as bad if not worse.
  4. Sikh and Hindus Build mosque

    Probably never, after all everyone is equal Say what you will about Master Tara Singh, he did at least warn us about this menace and made sure we didn't have to live with these people after 1947, now it seems we are going backwards. Under a congress government, expect it to get worse.
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  6. The recent media coverage is a real wake up call. We have to be thoughtful and vigilant in our actions and words moving forward. I was reading Mukhbir Singh's, of WSO, excellent protest letter to Post Media publications and lo and behold moments later saw another piece from Vancouver Sun. http://vancouversun.com/opinion/columnists/douglas-todd-canadian-hindus-struggling-with-sikh-activism Notice the soft touch approach to hindus; portraying them as victims of sikh violence. It appears to be a broader game plan of consolidating hindu votes for conservatives while isolating and vilifing sikhs. They are trying hard to bring us down a few pegs. Just a few days ago this same journalist (Douglas Todd) wrote about how we are over-represented (dog-whistle for "they're taking over") http://vancouversun.com/opinion/columnists/douglas-todd-why-sikhs-are-so-powerful-in-canadian-politics
  7. Sikhs Marrying Their Own Cousins

    Sikh kamboj are doing cousin marriage.
  8. Sikhs Marrying Their Own Cousins

    If anyone doing cousin marriage, that is wrong. If any sikh arora people do it, please dont do it. You are neglecting arora community name. Hindu arora people are totally against it. I know even sikh arora people are not doing it, its exception in every community. 2-4 person did and whole community have to get negative image.
  9. Sikhs Marrying Their Own Cousins

    I have been with thousands of Hindu khatris /Arora, i never heard about it. I never see they marriage first cousin or same gotra. I have been close to mehta punjabi (khatri) community, they are totally against it and consider taboo. Some Arora people in past due it due to less education and low population or poverty. All arora community doesn't do it. Some individuals of the community do it, which is very less population - 10 in millions. Even Arora community against it and considers it taboo. In modern times, they considered it sin and taboo. I dindt know about sikh arora people, i know they even dindt do it. If anyone doing it from any community we are totally against it.
  10. Sikhs Marrying Their Own Cousins

    Some individuals of kamboj sikh are doing but percentage is very low.
  11. Sikhs Marrying Their Own Cousins

    Hindu khatri /Arora community have vast population and good education, they are against cousin and same gotra marriage. I have seen people from the community stoping another community people to dont do this. Some kamboj people are doing cousin marriage.
  12. Sikhs Marrying Their Own Cousins

    In khatri /Arora community you cannot marriage in same gotra and first cousin. In Hindu khatri community its non existence. In arora community some uneducated people do it in back times , but that is rare case 10 in millions. In today world arora community consider it taboo and sin. I dindt know about sikh arora, i even think its uncommon.
  13. Sikhs Marrying Their Own Cousins

    Cousin marriage between Hindu khatri \Arora community consider sin and taboo. Maximum population belong to Hindu arora /Khatri community. If you even think about it, you can thrown out of family. In mehta community of khatris its negligible or non existence.
  14. It is under certain circumstances, and the marriage can be annulled.
  15. Disease promoting Atta and what to do

    Thanks for sharing. This is another example of sharing knowledge with the Sangat instead of merely dismissing everybody other than you as ignorant. Hope you keep it up. Very likely. Our grandparents ate pre-Green Revolution wheat in Punjab. The Green Revolution varieties (and their cousins in the West) are quite a bit different from the olden ones.
  16. The wheat we eat today is not the same wheat our grandparents ate. The modern wheat varieties are actually genetic hybrids that contain a much greater number of chromosomes and therefore more proteins that are not present in naturally-occuring ancient varieties of wheat. This is partly why modern wheat is pro-inflammatory, causes allergies, contains more gluten, and is full of anti-nutrients that strip the body of vitamins and minerals. The second reason is that conventional wheat is sprayed with pesticides including the notorious glyphosate before harvesting which means that residues remain and are ingested. Glyphosate is carcinogenic, immunomodulatory, damages gut flora, causes chronic diseases like coeliacs/leaky gut, nutritional deficiencies. The ancient wheat varieties I have seen are organically grown so therefore are not exposed to Glyphosate. Many people with so called 'gluten-intolerance' are able to eat ancient wheat (which contains gluten) without any problems. Much like how people with so called 'lactose intolerance' can drink raw milk (which contains lactose) without any issues. These are false labels as they are misidentifying the culprit. Another problem with modern atta is the fact that in the UK (maybe other countries too) only 'wholemeal' flour is exempt from additives such as synthetic 'vitamins and minerals' (which are actually toxic drugs with different chemical properties and effects compared to what is found in nature). So every type of flour bar wholemeal contains artificial additives by law. The solution: Buy an ancient variety of wholemeal flour i.e. Einkorn, If unavailable then buy Khorasan flour.....they make delicious, easily digestible rotis. You can buy them online (in UK its Dove Farm Organics) or in supermarkets like Waitrose. You can't put a price on your health. Since roti is a staple of our diet, this one change could make a lot of difference to our health. This is what I do and thought i'd share it with you.
  17. Dal Panth Amrit Sanchar

    You can go to rakba, baba bakala, sur singh. They all do dal panth amrit sanchars
  18. How to control the 5 chor? Get a good alarm system. Shut all of your windows and lock all doors at nighttime. They like to come and steal things like gold when their is a wedding and everyone is out. (Or at least this is what I would do *cough* *cough*). So make sure you get some people to stay at home during the wedding to look after the house. (make sure they are well-fed so eventually they will fall asleep on the job *hint* *hint*) This is my sound advice.
  19. Worcester

    You guys in Worcester have a gem. The Malvern Hills natural spring. I would get my water from there. The tap water in the Midlands region is fluoridated (toxic). This is a great alternative http://www.findaspring.com/locations/north-america/usa/the-evendine-malvern-worcester-england/
  20. First language of the Guru's

    Boliyan? Sithniyan? Tappe?
  21. Post Your Favorite Kirtan

    This shabad would compliment the post you wrote the other day.
  22. Yesterday
  23. We are taught that breast cancer most commonly occurs in the upper outer quadrant and this is precisely the location closest to which deodorant is applied. This thought came to me many years ago and since then I've looked at the research and delved more closely into the ingredients of underarm cosmetics. You won't be surprised to again find these products full of the same culprits : carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, irritants to name but 3 of their properties. Literally, you can take your pick. Pick up your deodorant and google each ingredient on the label to see what you are putting into your body (skin absorption-->bloodstream/lymph) (You might also like this: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2016/07/20/dangerous-deodorant-antiperspirant-ingredients.aspx) The solution is simple: Use lemon/limes: I cut a small slice of lime everyday and squeeze its juice into my palm then apply to my armpits. It works in controlling body odour. Deodorants actually worsen body odour so you have to use more and more and buy more and more to mask it, leading to a vicious cycle, at the cost of your pocket and your health . So just quit it. Address your diet too...avoid poor diets containing processed food/refined sugar/carbs . Eat more raw, organic foods, raw dairy (not pasteurised/homogenised) etc Also In summer/hot climates its good to have a bath/shower twice a day. Hope this information is useful and make you more conscious of the products you are using. Remember always read the label, do your research, and if you don't know..avoid it! (P.s. read my other posts too if you are interested in avoiding other disease promoting products)
  24. Bhaji (brother). But I call him uncleji in respect. It doesn’t stand for Babaji, as @MrDoaba is Babaji.
  25. sorry to hear. as you know God and Jesus (and so any church) would not turn away anyone who comes to them. so it is the same with Guruji and the Gurdwara. However infidelity is considered a serious sin. You can go to talk to the temple (Gurdwara) committee (if they speak English) if you would find it helpful. there may be an office in the Gurdwara you can talk to them in. people usually have to cover their hair before entering (with a scarf for example). but i don't think there is much they can do except sympathise with you. p.s. is your husband really a helpless 'puppy' in this situation?
  26. Bet of a silly argument really but... Ideally religiously speaking she should have married a Sikh if she hasn't already .....and if she really hasn't she should make efforts for her husband convert to Sikh who knows he maybe hindu by name but Sikh by heart. Theres plenty of fake Sikhs out there who are Sikh by name but non-sikh by heart and couldn't give a cr*p about Sikhi and Sikhs. Either way the fact that she is a strong pro-Sikh rights candidate even before she got elected as Member of parliament proves her love and pride for her Sikh faith. I'm sure her husband supports her on her campaigns for Sikhs....if he didn't she wouldn't have married him.
  27. She is doing it out of respect, i.e. since she is familiar with this site she knows the language sikhs use and using it when conversing with us out of respect. sikhs are not supposed to be 'responsible before the congregation', that is none-sense. where did you get that idea?
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