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  2. She's been found safe.
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  4. The mongoloids are never accepting. Should have gotten that in their head by now sadly.
  5. If they stick good. The first few generations are almost sure to mix hindu and sikh ways. Some people just spend their whole lives living on the fuzzy borders between sanatan dharam and sikhi . Others slowly adopt. I know haryana people who first stepped into sikhi by starting to go to gurudwara . Some faltered away back into hinduism, others sticked and now their kids are kesadhari. I also know of some destitute women with many kids, who stayed in gurudwara , helping in langar and sewa and slowly adopted sikhi . Our hindu ancestors most likely stepped into sikhi thinking of it as a sect of vedantic hinduism. They certainly didn't see it as some alien religion .
  6. I see what you did there lol. Sometimes can't help myself . Although in india muslims are a convenient buffer sikhs have against the hindutva madmen
  7. Islamophobic.
  8. So now they're using muslim girls as proxies to kidnap sikh girls into islam ? not sure but i wouldn't be surprised. Secondly, can we just make a generic rule : Don't let our kids interact with ANY muslim and educate them about the events of sexual grooming by muslim gangs. PS: There's something terribly wrong with kids upbringing if they wear caps on their heads and not turbans ! Just a side-comment but i did notice
  9. Has she been found or still missing? Really hope our community wakes up soon & starts to educate our children.
  10. Baba Baljeet Singh is the mukh sevadar there. His contact no. is 9463513563
  11. Baba Natha Singh Jee was a Nagarchi Singh of Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaaj. Guru jee gave him shastars, sarbloh simrana, kanghaa etc. at Damdama Sahib, Talwandi Sabo before leaving for Nanded. Guru Jee ordered Baba Natha Singh to do parchar in Punjab. One puratan bir of Guru Granth Sahib and one puratan bir of Dasam Granth Sahib have been found at this place. In the puratan Dasam Granth bir, 325th Charitar of Charitropakhyan is missing.
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  13. "Either there are no answers or there are no satisfactory answers." - Radhanath Swami To understand this lecture watch the whole video. Now that you know the answer, should you stop complaining? Should we all stop complaining about what we think are bad? Including myself? I have meningitis and PTSD, it affects my studies in such a degree that my memory is like a 3-5 year old and because of that I can not keep a job as well as I have lost more then 4 jobs already. It makes it difficult to pass exams as well, I can not memorize my studies even if my life depended on it. My parents are in thier 60s and I worry that they will get dementia / alzheimer's and that I have to take care of them. I can write more when I got my cancer diagnosis but I think you get the point. So what am I supposed to do? Just lay down and die? No! I am not a depressed teenager anymore. I went to the internet to find the answers, because of course the answers are there. What I started to do was to first research on the internet because of course, how should I take care of my health during cancer? So I searched around the net and I gathered was that I should see after my own needs first and that I should have control over the life choices I make in life when it comes to cancer diagnosis. "Well, maybe in my next life." I thought: "I can not change s*** in my life." I mean I live in a punjabi family for Vaheguru's sake. But I think we all have choices in our lives. That is the gift that Vaheguru gave us. So what did I do? I started to change diet, for example Low Carb after I listened to the audiobook Grain Brain I try not to eat sugar at all any more. I try to do more Sadhana so that I can focus alot more on studies and on my life and ishnaan / cold showers to make my meningitis less painful. Trying to be physically, mentally and spiritually balance to deal with the issues in my life. So what I want to say is that as the lecture above mentions, focusing on your Sadhana will help you with alot of problems. Some more answers of karma. VJKK VJKF Cloud
  14. Worst news ever. As a Sikhs we were not able to kill a 2 cent butcher. He killed thousands of innocent Sikhs. I am sure his Hindu masters are happy.
  15. Hopefully she is found safe and well and returned back to her family asap. Too many teenagers especially girls go missing or run away from home in teenage years for whatever reasons they need extra vigilance and care to ensure home is a safe and loving environment for them
  16. To be completely fair, I don't like the whole idea of the Japanese wasting too much time with their immigration details, they should have made the decision a long time ago. Japan doesn't have citizenship by Jus Soli, (by land), but rather Jus Sanguinis, (by blood), so the kid being born in Japan wouldn't help him. They could go through the Naturalization process I assume, and nobody gets hurt.
  17. Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but found on searching:
  18. Tommy robinson is a top lad. I was skeptical of tommy robinson and his motives when he formed EDL years ago but over the years I have learn't watching his videos how his friends growing up in luton council estates some of his close mates from the white working class background like himself turned to extremist Islam and how muslim grooming rape gangs were targeting his cousin sisters and other women in his community, muslim extremists preaching against British society and troops and thus eventually making him take a stand and the become the way he is now. An English activist against Islamification of the UK.
  19. From a partisan Sikh perspective, I agree, I feel the pain of my fellow Sikhs in the above situation. But I also understand and agree with the Japanese perspective.
  20. I'm just disgusted that so many people actually liked it?๐Ÿ˜ Over 100 f*cked-up people who probably need some proper rehabilitation. As for the girl, I just hope she's safe.
  21. What is the "simran" mentioned in first ashtpadi of sri sukhmani sahib and how to do it? Among the meanings of Simran, are repetition of a mantar, or remeberance of someone or something. And when we do His simran, both come together hand by hand. Among all such spiritual practices, Guru Jee tells us which one to do, He says : Prabh ka simran, sabh tay oochaa. Why does Guru say so? Because, it is the only jugtee bhakti, which detaches us from this creation, purifies us, and reunites our sous with Sachay Patshah Akal Purukh. Prabh ka simran, garb na baseh. Which by the way, is our objective of being born as human beings. His simran reminds us of Him, His simran is a sincere ardaas at His feet, His simran is submitting ourselves to his Hukum, His simran is the pilgrimage, in which we go as dark crows, and come out as swans, His simran is a shower of boundless blessings on us. Sat Sree Akal.
  22. Hope she's found safe and well. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป Waheguru
  23. Please Southall slough sangat appeals are going out for young seven kings girl gone missing . Last seen with muslim girl
  24. Brother, Nitnem, whether one recites it or listens to it, what is important, is to not recite it as a parrot, but in paying attention in understanding the spiritual wealth contained in it, and then fly as an eagle to touch the skies.... As that is the purpose of the Bani, in getting liberation from all our worldly bondages, and get our chit engaged in devotion at His charan kamal. Other thing is of Naam japna, which each and everyone has to do it individually, as it is our personal link with Him, through which we get closer and closer to Him, to the extent we come so much near to Him, that we become one with Him. Sat Sree Akal.
  25. A perspective on how emotions affect health... You are not a drop in the ocean, but an ocean in every drop...said Rumi. What did he mean by that... every cell in our body is intelligent to think and act. We have 60 trillion cells in our body, and our health depends a lot on the harmonic balance and cohesion of the cells with each other... In the movie Eat, Pray Love, Julia Roberts visits a wise man in Bali, and he advises her not to try too hard to meditate.. in fact he suggests that medidation is nothing but smiling and the line that is a kicker, is " Smile with your liver " If you believe that this is just a metaphor, lets look at the other end of the spectrum, to prove just how crucial this is.. Let us say you hold a negative emotion towards somebody, something or some event in your life... each time you think of that your whole body relives the emotional upheaval of that association.. Your mind doesn't have a mind of its own, and doesn't know if the event is happening in real time or it is being replayed.. So it produces the same stress hormores namely cortisol.. each and every cell of your body starts feeling the same emotion of let us say "hatred" towards that event, person or experience all over again... The body isn't at ease.. this is a state where the condition of dis-ease sets in.... If you continue to live in that state, your cells are now getting conditioned to live in the same state... Health of a person, depends on how well all the systems of the body and the 60 trillion cells play the melody of harmony together.. When the cells are living in a state of hatred.. they soon start exhibiting that with each other and killing healthy cells in the body...This leads to many forms of auto immune disease... Like Rumi said.. you are a drop in the ocean, you are an ocean in every drop... Be careful of your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions... Forgive people,not because they deserve it, but because you need it...Stay happy, stay healthy. Note: got the above lovely piece of truth from a friend, which I liked, and felt like sharing with the sangat here. Sat Sree Akal.
  26. love

    Lostwarrior1234 jee, you call a gursikh to that person, who comes near and gets involved with a married woman and with children? Please just do not throw dirt on such a paviter shabad like Gursikh. A Gursikh if true, whether married or unmarried, he does not look at all even, on married women, forget about getting entangled with one even. For a Gursikh, if the lady is younger, he looks at her as a daughter, if same, than as a sister, and if elder, than as a mother. These are his true remarks, purity above all and utter love for Wahiguru, and with constant fear in mind, for not doing any such thing, which can bring shame on him, before Him. You say you can take chaurasee smilingly...just think for a while, do you remember who were your familily, spouse, children or parents in your last few births? And what was your joonee? If no is the answer, then are you sure, you will recognize him? What about if, the joonees you go, is subhuman joonee, like animals, plant kingdom or insects, for example.... Chaurasee lakh joonee , is not like going for romance on a vaccation spot. This human form is given to us, for the only purpose of reuniting ourselves wih Him, so if instead of getting out of chaurasee, we do some karam to be stuck into maya, then, what a shame. He gave us the key to get out from the vast prison house, and we on the contrary, throw away the key and deliberately lock the door of that prison fromm inside. Then too, when we suffer the consequences of karam, we shamelessly say, why me Wahiguru? Sat Sree Akal.
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