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  2. Divorce in Sikhism

    possibly the guys need to actually act like sikh husbands should gurbani anusar then the marriages would have a better rate of success. i.e. no muh fitkarna, no beating or harassing, day on day increasing love for his wife , honouring and respecting her as she respects him . bibian need to drop the bollywood fantasy and the western high maintenance paths both lead to narak let alone destroy families. They need to return to developing their awareness of consequences and be the conscience and reminder of the family of things gursikh . So many bhagats and mahapurakhs had said their mother was their first encourager to do bhagti and to do sewa...
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  4. Disturbing Muslim immigration and demographics in Birmingham, its a hot bed of islamification over the decades. Long term strategy is quite clear take over towns and cities by sheer numbers and destroy non-muslim populations, societies and eventually nations through the votebank politics by stealth.
  5. For those who have Amritvela issues

    Now I sleep 6.5 hours and my body is used to it and I don't feel tired in the day I don't even need an alarm I just automatically wake up I'm so happy and grateful to mahraaj Jee and my dad who told me about this.
  6. Divorce in Sikhism

    With the divorce rate ever increasing. What does Sikhism say about divorce? Also how many divorced women end up marrying non Sikhs? I have heard of many stories of how women from our community say they have been mistreated by 'Sikh' husbands and their families. So then turn to non Sikhs. Also is divorce a problem of modern society.
  7. It's mostly a South Asian custom, isn't it? I know a few Iranian and Lebanese people, and they turn their nose up at some of the things that pass for culture amongst the Muslim communities in our neck of the woods. It's not even a Sunni or Shia thing, although the Lebanese I know are Shia, lol. There are a few constants across the Islamic continuum regardless of geography, but the guys I'm acquainted with are day and night different to the likes of the Mirpuris and the Bangla crews.
  8. My muslim female co-worker whom I am good friends with was discussing marriage customs, when she told me that muslim men have to give the bride girls family dowry in order for the girls family to agree to marry her to him and his family. I found that kinda of strange as its the opposite custom in our indian marriage traditions where its the girls family that gives dowry and pays for the wedding. I soon realised that its because that muslim men feel that this is a burden on them financially that they go and try to groom, convert and marry non-muslim girls so that they do not have to give any dowry to the girls family. It also makes sense in terms of destorying the non-muslim communities population and spreading muslim demographics. Its a win win for muslim men if they can manage to get away with it making the non-muslim girl run away with them so its a greater incentive to do it than say a non-muslim guy to take a muslim girl away from her family. Also theologically speaking if you convert a kafir non-believer to islam you get brownie points from dallah with a ticket to paradise. This is why there's so many cases of muslim men having groomed and made non-muslim girls run away with them trapping them in "love jihad". They have nothing to lose and its only to their advantage that they do it. Once non-muslim girls understands the mindset of the enemy they will never even template to get with a muslim guy.
  9. Paramedic wearing green

    No you can't wear this. You need to go to work dressed only as a full blown nihang, and you must take a 4 foot long kirpan with you to work and wave it around your head whilst you are treating the sick. Yout should also not be driving in any form of mechanised transport, you should only go by horse as that's what Sikhs did when they were fighting mughals. Any deviation from this and you will need to pesh on a daily basis.....
  10. Classic Sikh movement patterns. We always move out to the peripheries. I bet most Sikhs live outside of Birmingham in the neighbouring areas like Wolverhampton and other West Midlands areas. It seems we Sikhs tend to avoid living in bigger cities and if we do we tend to live in the suburbs. We Sikhs value space and generally don't like living in cramped terraced housing in the inner cities.
  11. Surprised at how much Muslims out-number Sikhs in Birmingham: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demography_of_Birmingham The following table shows the religion of respondents in the 2001 and 2011 censuses in Birmingham. Religion 2001[40] 2011[41] Number % Number % Christian 577,783 59.13% 494,358 46.07% Buddhist 2,977 0.30% 4,780 0.45% Hindu 19,358 1.98% 22,362 2.08% Jewish 2,343 0.24% 2,205 0.21% Muslim 140,033 14.33% 234,411 21.85% Sikh 28,592 2.93% 32,376 3.02% Other religion 2,501 0.26% 5,646 0.53% No religion 121,541 12.44% 206,821 19.27% Religion not stated 81,959 8.39% 70,086 6.53% Total 977,087 100.00% 1,073,045 100.00% Distribution of religions in Birmingham according to the 2011 census. Christianity Islam Judaism Hinduism Sikhism Buddhism Other religion No religion
  12. For those who have Amritvela issues

    How many hours do you sleep and did you find your body getting used to less hours sleep?
  13. What Does My Dream Mean ?

    West London Singh is going LA South Central..!
  14. What Does My Dream Mean ?

    Lol. Thanks GuestSingh. It was all part of my masterplan ...my sinister conspiracy against belittlement. See you next identity. Enjoy Cali the land of no internet. Nevada is right next door, we can get some cha and you can use the wifi. For real though. Hit me up if you want. What part of California you going to be in?
  15. Episode 2 for me was an eye opener. It exposed Saudi corruption on a scale I had not heard of before. It must be the most corrupt country in the world. A deal struck with the a dutch firm, Ballast Nedam, saw over half of the $500 million contract going in kick-backs, an incredible $330 million going to one prince. This was eclipsed in comparison by an arms deal with Britain, worth £43 billion of which at least £6 billion was paid in bribes to Saudi royals. A UK project manager noticed anomalies in the budget and when fobbed off by the Saudis, downloaded as much data as he could get his hands on and handed over to the press. An investigation into this was closed down by their good friend Tony Blair on the spurious grounds of “national security” and Saudi threat to withdraw contracts and not share terrorism data. The last bit is ironic as they fund more terrorism activities than any other country. From these deals we learn how Governments always put #1 first. Call it bribery through gold deposits, arms deals or whatever, India has long been muzzling the UK to silence it on it's human rights record. The message coming from successive governments has always been loud and clear – there is no room for critical voices in or outside India. It relentlessly pursues its agenda to stifle those who disagree with them or who challenge government policy, with increasing restrictions imposed by previous governments. What better way to silence it's critics and continue with its oppressive regime than through similar tactics employed by Saudis by threatening to withdraw bilateral aid and lucrative defence contracts.
  16. Would A Transgender Amritdhari Sikh Be A Singh or Kaur?

    The interpretation of Bhai gurdas vaar is not wrong.... your understanding of Dasam Bani is incomplete. that ‘chopei’ is from krishna avtar Bani... hence why mahraj mentions Vishnu but also Krishna. To renounce or ignore something (ganesh, Vishnu etc) in light of praising something else (in this case mahakaal) that does not mean the original is to be totally neglected..... if that was the case the whole of chaubis avtar Bani would be a waste of time. It has to be read with a different mindset & then taken as part of a whole picture that Dasam Bani paints, don’t make judgments based on 1 pangti.... every Bani has an unthanika.... it’s important to learn these. the reason Guru Gobind singh Ji does not even think about krishna & Vishnu despite them being satguru is simple.... they were satgurus of previous yugs.... mahraj is here as the messenger & guru in Kalyug... they will attach us to that which is the medicine in Kalyug... in this case Guru Nanak & vaheguru etc. Would you go to a retired doctor who uses old methods & out of date medicines or would you go to a current active doctor who has the latest & most effective medicine available? You have to remember nearly all the population at that time would have been followers of krishna, Rama etc... so mahraj in poetic form through gurbani had to change that mindset so that they could get people on the right treatment plan in Kalyug.... this does not change the fact that in previous yugs avtars of Vishnu were the satgurus of those yugs.
  17. So when we are born we are defined to.marry someone? How about if we ask waheguru to give us a life partner with certain qualities will that happen..isit try that our life partner is written in our destiny from.before or depending on our deeds?
  18. For those who have Amritvela issues

    Do an Ardaas to mahraaj Jee asking to wake up for amritvela and also put your alarm clock away from where you are sleeping try going to sleep at 9 and waking up at 6 and each month decrease when you wake up such as in March wake up at 5:45 and keep doing this until your amritvela becomes solid this is what I did and it sure did work.
  19. judd ehdi Ma ne akbaar pardna ... koi jinda nahin bachega
  20. Moving to a Sikh neighbourhood

    We are a canary in the coalmine community. I agree in part of what you say. But there are particular mechanics of how muslim communities move into areas where there are Sikhs. There is always a section of the muslim community that looks to what Sikhs are doing. They will notice where the Sikhs are moving to. They seem themselves as better off than other muslims but they do not want to live amongst other muslims, because they are very aware that "Pa*** f*** things up". They do not say these things in front of other muslims but will privately admit these things. They will move into areas where there are Sikhs but what follows after is a deluge. An example I can provide is that Sikhs in Slough are moving into South Bucks, places such as Farnham Common, Farnham Royal, Iver, Stoke Poges, Gerrards Cross. These areas are now to Sikhs as to what Langley in Slough used to be for Sikhs 25-30 years ago. When I look at Langley now, it has turned into a complete dump. It used to be a more affluent area. There are a parade of shops on London Road (where there is a Fire Station), these shops have been replaced by a grocery shop with all fallen fruit and veg (it's a complete mess), there is a very popular Punjabi restaurant and right next to it is a halal kebab shop. It's like muslims sniff out where the Sikhs are and then try to stamp their halal mark. Very parasite like behaviour. I suspect these greener affluent areas around Slough to become the same given 10-15 years from now. There are a parade of shops in Farnham Common. It's quite nice, it's got a couple of pubs, a Tesco and Sainsbury shop, a Costa Coffee place and a couple of restaurants. I despair what that area is going to become like. Once some i****t decides to open up a grocery shop, just watch how with the pin point accuracy , some Pakistani guy decides to open up a halal based business and watch how the goreh move out and the area go seriously downhill. UK Sikhs will prefer goreh because the instinctively know it is the goreh that are the glue the hold things together, once they are not there things begin to unravel. I know that I am saying some unsavoury things but I have had to look at the hard truth. We are not good at maintaining standards. We turn into the 3rd world animals that we are when we are in a large numbers. I am also a 3rd world animal. These are just my opinions and things I have had to reconcile in my head.
  21. Atheists

    Though the question raised by Guest Guest, is quite long ago now, but somehow it is something which continues happening and will still do so as long there is maya and karam in the creation. For that purpose, Gurbani as usual, gives us straightforward simple and very clear answers. First Patshahee tells us : ਇਕਨਾ ਸੁਧਿ ਨ ਬੁਧਿ ਨ ਅਕਲਿ ਸਰ ਅਖਰ ਕਾ ਭੇਉ ਨ ਲਹੰਤਿ ॥ Eikanaa Sudhh N Budhh N Akal Sar Akhar Kaa Bhaeo N Lehanth || Some are not blessed with understanding, intelligence, or sublime intellect; they do not grasp the mystery of God's Word. So we can see, having faith in Him, is not like going to a supermarket and buying something, rather it is something we have by His Grace, or not have it, due to our own karam. So Guest jee do not feel perturbed at all, just feel pity on that type of people, and do ardaas to Wahiguru, to bless them, that is the most we can do, do not ever enter into arguments, for it is like swimming against the current and flow of the river, respect them as they are behaving as per their destiny. We may go to schools or universities and gain knowledge, get degrees...but when it comes to Him, it is all His grace alone. Sat Sree Akal.
  22. Moving to a Sikh neighbourhood

    I dont think so. What attracts muslims is mosques, halal butchers and other muslims. I agree mulims see the world plainly. You are either with them or against them. Hence why they only mix amongst each other. This is why some areas are virtually 100% muslim. They love to be amongst their own. Us Sikhs cant stand one another and love to be amonst white people instead. Where we can induldge in golf, tea and a day at ascot race course. We are just a coconutised bunch.
  23. Paramedic wearing green

    As apne bazurg kehnde 'ik vaari viah ho geha , hun main apne kanna nu hath lahe phir nahin '
  24. Paramedic wearing green

    Once is enough in anyone's life Baba ...mera dimag kharab nahin aa
  25. plus a there will be thyroid problems because of the lack of iodine in the diet , leading to slowing of metabolism and increasing the risk of adrenals trying to kickstart the metabolism by pumping out cortisol and adrenalin which will keep people in high BP and high blood sugar spiral leading to insulin resistance and starving cells ... Follow Guru ji's advice cook your own or eat as Guru ji made it fresh from the fields
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