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    • possibly the guys need to actually act like sikh husbands should gurbani anusar then the marriages would have a better rate of success. i.e. no muh fitkarna, no beating or harassing, day on day increasing love for his wife , honouring and respecting her as she respects him . bibian need to drop the bollywood fantasy and the western high maintenance paths both lead to narak let alone destroy families. They need to return to developing their awareness of consequences and be the conscience and reminder of the family of things gursikh . So many bhagats and mahapurakhs had said their mother was their first encourager to do bhagti and to do sewa...
    • Disturbing Muslim immigration and demographics in Birmingham, its a hot bed of islamification over the decades. Long term strategy is quite clear take over towns and cities by sheer numbers and destroy non-muslim populations, societies and eventually nations through the votebank politics by stealth.
    • Now I sleep 6.5 hours and my body is used to it and I don't feel tired in the day I don't even need an alarm I just automatically wake up I'm so happy and grateful to mahraaj Jee and my dad who told me about this. 
    • With the divorce rate ever increasing. What does Sikhism say about divorce? Also how many divorced women end up marrying non Sikhs? I have heard of many stories of how women from our community say they have been mistreated by 'Sikh' husbands and their families. So then turn to non Sikhs.  Also is divorce a problem of modern society. 
    • It's mostly a South Asian custom, isn't it? I know a few Iranian and Lebanese people, and they turn their nose up at some of the things that pass for culture amongst the Muslim communities in our neck of the woods. It's not even a Sunni or Shia thing, although the Lebanese I know are Shia, lol. There are a few constants across the Islamic continuum regardless of geography, but the guys I'm acquainted with are day and night different to the likes of the Mirpuris and the Bangla crews.