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    • Bandi Chhor Divas & Diwali is a day marked to celebrate triumph of Goodness over evil which subsequently results in happiness, peace & prosperity.
    • Maya can be good or bad. Maya is illusion which keeps the world asleep and enslaved, which is bad. But its also God as well,  As God is the ultimate illusionist as well, since he also fools the world when he wishes. Not sure if its a good name for a child though. The context is vital guys, 1 word can have multiple meanings so the context determines the arth.  E.G - Kaal can mean death, time etc and so on. Anyone know any Puratan Singhs or Singhnis by its name? I know certain names were avoided at the time, was this one of them?
    • It would be more concerning if their child had a naam sanskar when they were born. (Assuming their parents are religious) Otherwise, so be it
    • Because it sounds trendy and fashionable and they don't know what it actually means. It's like those people who get Chinese writing tattoos on their arms.
    • If we look back into history and see where we came from i.e from the Hindus, then you may understand more about this topic. I think when Hindus  first born sons were being given to become Sikhs, they wanted something at least that they could celebrate together. Hence the Hindu part of the family would celebrate Diwali and then the Sikhs would be celebrating the Bhandhi shor diwas. Many other youngsters would have more questions of this sort. Well the answer is Who stopped you from celebrating anything in any way? We have had mothers days, fathers days and many others etc added to our list of celebrations. My son was asking me in tears just the other day when the Happy childrens day is going to be?  Many Sikhs have got Hindu ways of celebrating Diwali. I think the word Bhandhi shor has now recently come into force by way of media. My mum had a diva and many people from the older generation still believe in keeping a light on so that the Goddess Laxmi can visit their house and there will be plentiful money.  Long story short - celebrate whatever you want. No ones stopping you. Hold a sehaj path at the Guradwara and call your relatives and say it is in memory of Guru Nanak Dev Ji coming out of prison. Research and tell them about your speech. Or call a giani Ji for special katha. Hold a special evening at your home and invite your relatives or friends and tell them about Guru Ji. Wouldn't they just be thrilled ? You decide what to celebrate and when and how. The problem is that we are just not focused enough to celebrate special moments in Sikhi. Some people in some places are taking the lead.